2008, Russia, 89 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Igor Voloshin
  • Production
    Film Company CTB
  • Producer
    Sergei Selianov
  • Cast
    Olga Sutulova
    Maria Shalaeva
    Arthur Smolianinov
    Mikhail Evlanov
    Andrei Khabarov
    Dmitri Itskovich
    Vladimir Sorokalita
    Emmy Piters
    Tatiana Tkach
    Tatiana Samoilova
    Oleg Garkusha
    Eduard Martsevich
Social drama. The twenty-year-old Alisa comes to Petersburg. Her neighbours in the communal apartment are a girl called Val and Valera Myortvy (the Dead). Val works as barmaid in a nightclub, and here she witnesses a death. Having been disillusioned by people for a long time, she understands that they will try to get rid of her. She likes Valera but she does not trust him. Val has only one person left who will not betray her: Alisa... This simple, tragic and authentic story about friendship, love and drugs unfolds in the streets of modern St Petersburg, donned in Venetian masks and cyberpunk costumes. It is a story about people who have lost the meaning of life at its very beginning. - Participant of the Forum of the IFF Berlin, 2008.