2008, Russia, 143 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Alexander Melnik
  • Production
    Producersí Centre Andreevsky Flag
  • Producer
    Anton Melnik
  • Cast
    Konstantin Lavronenko
    Andrei Feskov
    Ingeborga Dapkunaite
    Marat Basharov
    Sergei Zhigunov
    Evgeni Titov
    Pavel Sborshchikov
    Tommi Lister
    Sergei Koltakov
    Viktor Zhalsanov
    Vladislav Abashin
    Zaza Chichanidze
    Nikolai Stotsky
    Igor Pismenny
Anti-Utopia. The year 2013. The death penalty has been abolished all over the world. However, this noble act brings with it many complexities. International organizations decide to carry out a rather risky experiment: to create a small settlement on an uninhabited island in the Far North, where criminals have the opportunity to begin a new life. However, in this harsh environment the terrible law of the survival of the fittest kicks in. Fully aware of the perniciousness of such an existence, capable of bringing about not only the destruction of human personality but also the annihilation of the inhabitants in the settlement, the main hero begins his fight against those who adhere to the cult of brute force and who push people onto this terrible path.