2008, Russia, 77 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Leonid Rybakov
  • Production
    VVP Alliance
  • Producers
    Anna Mikhalkova
    Maxim Korolev
  • Cast
    Andrei Shchipanov
    Anna Starshenbaum
    Mikhail Pavlik
    Anna Mikhalkova
This can happen to anyone if you are 18, if your friends have already settled: some have started their business, some got into the college, and some in the army And only you donít yet know what you want to be, like in childhood: a fireman or a pilot. And there is nobody to ask; you haven't been talking to your parents for ages, and your little sister is too little. There is only one window left to the world, and that is the computer screen. There, inside, everything's different: the life in the net, which can bring to naught many human aspects, cannot destroy the desire for friendship, love and emotion.