2008, Russia, 90 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Ivan Solovov
  • Production
    "Mentor Cinema"
  • Producers
    Ivan Solovov
    Oleg Goncharov
  • Cast
    Irina Rozanova
    Andrei Panin
    Alexander Domogarov
    Lydia Velezheva
    Beniha Eguti
    Alexander Bashirov
    Ivan Shabaltas
    Marat Basharov
    Mikhail Bagdasarov
Ethnic parable. In a Kalmyk aul lives a simple family: Baira and her husband Syezd (literally, Congress). They like each other, and together they shave and sell rams, conduct the household, never leave each other and do not know a different way of life. But once Syezd brings a second wife to the house: he promised the neighbour before her death to marry her granddaughter. The granddaughter is a young beauty, moreover she is pregnant. Feeling superfluous, Baira leaves the native aul and goes to the city. There Baira is both in joyful euphoria and on close to death. She feels like Cinderella when a fairy-tale prince falls for her. But... the elder wife came to town not just like that. Her purpose is to find a way to take a terrible revenge on her husband...