2008, Russia, 86 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Andrei Libenson
  • Production
    Non-Stop Production
    Cherepakha (Turtle)
    on commission of RTR
  • Producers
    Sergei Melkumov
    Dmitri Meskhiev
    Sergei Shumakov
  • Cast
    Alexei Guskov
    Yuri Itskov
    Ivan Kokorin
    Ekaterina Rednikova
    Arthur Smolianinov
    Alexei Gorbunov
    Ekaterina Vilkova
    Andrey Smoliakov
    Piotr Semak
    Andrei Zibrov
    Lena Ivashcheva
Thriller. The incredible cruelty of a maniac immerses Petersburg in a state of boundless horror. Parents are afraid to let their children into the street without accompaniment. The press enforces an atmosphere of fear and hysteria, criticizes the special forces incapable of catching the maniac. The chain of inexplicable murders leads inspector Petr Moiseev to the provinces. In order to get to the bottom of the truth and to find the maniac, Moiseev has to solve the secrets of the small town of Svetlogorsk. A harsh and uncompromising story about the impact of human fear.