2008, Russia, 100 min
about the film
  • Director
    Bakur Bakuradze
  • Production
    Film Company CTB
    Company Salvador D
    Limon Stutio
  • Producers
    Sergei Selianov
    Julia Mishkinene
  • Cast
    Gela Chitava
    Ruslan Grebenkin
    Liubov Firsova
    Cecile Plaige
    Vadim Suslov
    Noshrevan Tavkhelidze
    Vadim Tsallati
    Ruslan Sushon
    Anna Soroka
    Alexander Abchinets
    Konstantin Buslov
    Sergei Bolotaev
    Ivan Lebedev
Drama. An ordinary young man lives with his old mother in a big city. In the mornings he runs in the park, he goes to the same shop, and in the evenings he watches the sports channel on television. Almost all of his actions are performed on autopilot ñ almost all, but not quite all. In keeping with his character he does not express emotions, so none of the people around him know whence he gets his money for a living. Nobody knows what he writes in his notebook that he carries with him at all times. Several days from the life of Alexei Shultes make him realize that he is not as forgetful as he would like to be. - World premiere at the IFF Cannes 2008, "Quinzaine des realisateurs".