2008, Russia/ Germany, 130 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Kirill Serebrennikov
  • Production
    Film Company ìNew Peopleî
    with participation of Rohfilm (Germany)
    ìNational Reserve Corporationî
  • Producer
    Uliana Savelieva
  • General Producer
    Natasha Mokritskaya
  • Cast
    Ksenia Rappoport
    Evgeniya Kuznetsova
    Sergei Sosnovsky
    Roman Shmakov
    Sergei Medvedev
    Igor Khripunov
Psychological thriller/ Farewell drama. Her name is Lubov (Love). She is an opera diva. She has everything: talent, wealth, world fame. She also has a son, and her small native land ñ a place forgotten by God, which the son should see and to which she wishes to bid farewell before leaving her country. In the curse of a few days she will lose her son, her name and everything that created the meaning of her life, its essence