2007, Russia, 94 min
about the film
  • Director
    Alexei Balabanov
  • Producers
    Sergei Selyanov
    Maxim Ukhanov
  • Cast
    Agniya Kuznetsova
    Alexei Poluyan
    Leonid Gromov
    Alexei Serebriakov
    Leonid Bichevin
    Natalia Akimova
    Yuri Stepanov
    Mikhail Skriabin
    Andrei Mokeev
    Alena Falaleeva
    Lialia Miropolskaya
    Dmitri Karpov
Drama. USSR 1984. On the eve of perestroika, during the Afghan war. Military planes with zinc coffins (cargo 200) do not bypass the small provincial town of Leninsk. A young girl lives here; she is in love with a lad who serves in Afghanistan. He perishes. The militiaman Zhurov, a typical Soviet madman, is in love with the girl. After a disco, the daughter of the Communist Party committeeís secretary goes missing. There are no witnesses, and the culprit is not found. On the same evening, a gruesome murder happens in a house on the townís periphery. The house owner is guilty of the crime. Both investigations are led by police captain Zhurov...