2007, Russia, 90 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Alexei Mizgiryov
  • Producer
    Sergei Selyanov
  • Cast
    Evgeni Antropov
    Dmitri Kulichkov
    Sergei Shekhovtsov
    Anastasia Bezborodova
    Tatiana Nastashevskaya
    Alexander Golubev
    Karen Badalov
Drama. Modern Moscow is a glamorous, European, harsh city of hopes and deceived expectations. Here the law of the survival of the fittest applies. Anton comes to the capital because of the girl he loves. She rejects him. But Anton is not used to recede and becomes ëour owní in a strange city. For the sake of his goal he is prepared to go the whole way. He has his own rules: he is hard-hearted.