Russia, 2007
about the film
  • Director
    Alexei Popogrebsky
  • Producer
    Roman Borisevich
  • Cast
    Sergei Puskepalis
    Leonid Bronevoy
    Svetlana Kamynina
    Dinara Kutuyeva
    Ivan Osipov
    Malkhaz Zhvaniya
    Ivan Shvedov
    Luiza Markova
    Liubov Makeeva
    Gennadi Bogachev
    Dmitri Bykovsky
Psychological drama. Hoping to improve the financial situation of his family who live in a communal apartment, the anaesthetist Sergei Maslov is hired to look after Vladimir Zhuravlyov, an old actor who was once well-known and is now almost forgotten. Zhuravlyov addresses Maslov with an unusual request, which puts Sergei before an uneasy choice. Sergei, who is used to avoid complexities, takes action ñ albeit not in the best way... This is a film about simple things, which people muddle, but which fall into place if only you look at them in a different way