2006, Russia / France
about the film
  • Director
    Konstantin Lopushansky
  • Cast
    Gregory Hlady
    Leonid Mozgovoy
    Alexei Kortnev
    Rimma Sarkisian
    Laura Pitskhelauri
    Sergei Barkovsky
    Dima Ispolatov
    Olga Samoshina
    Alexei Ingelevich
    Victor Mikhailov
Philosophical Parable. Mystical Thriller. A story about a ghost town with a boarding school for gifted children lies at the basis of the script for ìUgly Swansî. The young people who grow up there are frightfully strange, taught by creatures called ìmokretsyî ñ mutants of humans, the ìugly swansî of the title. In the city the climate changes without any obvious reason and reminds of the deluge. Infinite commissions, special services and agents investigate this anomaly. The filmís hero, the writer Victor Banev, is compelled to conduct his own investigation of the situation, because his daughter is among the children of the boarding school. He participates in the struggle not only because of the childrenís fate, but also because mankind will choose the form of the Future.