2006, Russia
about the film
  • Director
    Tigran Keosaian
  • Cast
    Bogdan Stupka
    Sergei Gazarov
    Vartan Darakchian
    Valeria Lanskaya
    Yury Stoyanov
    Vladimir Ilyin
    Mikhail Efremov
    Igor Zolotovitsky
    Elena Safonova
Lyrical comedy. Sometimes strange things happen even the great people of this world. Once the ruler of all Soviet lands, whom all the people used to call only ìour dear Leonid Ilyichî (Brezhnev), went on a visit to Moldovia, one of his favourite republics. Immediately after the formal reception he disappeared. Three days later he was found, only to leave for a visit to India. But how did the great man spend these three days, far away from his bodyguards, from civil servants and numerous secretaries? There are different versions. For example, that ìour dear Leonid Ilyichî found himself the guest of a gipsy baron, and was best man at a merry wedding, almost moved the entire population to Siberia and declared his love to the nicest, but even for him unattainable, woman...