2006, Russia
about the film
  • Director
    Alexei Balabanov
  • Cast
    Renata Litvinova
    Alexander Yatsenko
    Dmitry Dyuzhev
    Nikita Mikhalkov
    Inga Oboldina
    Valentin Kuznetsov
    Sergei Makovetsky
    Mark Rudinshtein
Melodrama. Three friends stand on the threshold to a posh house in the center of a big city. They are young and full of energy; they have talent, skills, and a thirst of life Ö broadly speaking they have everything, except for money. And for that they have come here: to offer their services as designers to the landlady. Natella Antonovna is also young, but her life seems to have turned into boredom already. At least this was the case until she met Misha. He helped her love her life once again; she found him and his friends an interesting job. Rich clients, expensive dinners, and huge fees: our friends could not have dreamt of that. And, most important, she loves him! But she hides something crucial, and this will inevitably affect their future