2006, Russia
about the film
  • Director
    Yuli Gusman
  • Cast
    Alexander Lazarev jr.
    Elizaveta Boiarskaya
    Mikhail Efremov
    Vladimir Dolinsky
    Alexander Dziuba
    Alexander Pashutin
    Sergei Nikonenko
    Alexei Buldakov
    Nina Usatova
    Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina
    Valery Barinov
    Rafael Mukaev
    Polina Lazareva
    Vladimir Zeldin
Without the help of western investors, Russian businessmen have reconstructed an ìisland of Soviet lifeî and called their child ìDream Parkî. In one park they have the sea, and an almost real Kremlin, rivers, mountains and the desert. The visitors are surrounded by the most popular actors, singers, chess-players of those times... The popular TV reporter Oleg Zimin, who is supposed to advertise this park on his programme, is one of the first visitors. Tired from the troubles that have descended upon him from different directions in the busy Moscow, he decides to rest at the same time as visiting the park. At first he is genuinely delighted and everything reminds him of his youth. Then Oleg falls in love with Aliona Volkova, one of the best workers in the Park. But soon he is told that contacts between employees and visitors are forbidden, and that Aliona already has an admirer: the entrepreneur Robert. And comrade Robert is one of top people in the Parkís administration...