2006, Russia
about the film
  • Director
    Alexander Rogozhkin
  • Cast
    Daniil Strakhov
    Alexei Serebryakov
    Anastasia Nemolyaeva
    Kirill Ulianov
    Sarah Bulley
    Caterina Innocente
    Sarah Rutley
    Anna Marina Bensaud
    Alexei Petrov
    Andrey Shibarshin
    Ivan Prill
    Artyom Volobuev
    Yuri Itskov
    Oleg Malkin
    Anna Rud’
    Yuri Orlov
Military drama. 1942, Chukotka. A transit airport. The Allied Forces, the Americans, are moving the destroyer ëAerocobraí across the ocean, while Russian pilots drive them to the front. But there is another world: the world of the local eskimos, who lead a life far away from war. The moderated course of events is broken up when it emerges that the American pilots are actually attractive and charming girls. The feelings of the recent teenagers, who are now junior lieutenants, collide with language and culture barriers. Therefore a range of funny, ridiculous and tragic situations arises