2006, Russia
about the film
  • Director
    Boris Khlebnikov
  • Cast
    Alexander Yatsenko
    Daria Ekamasova
    Evgeny Syty
    Pyotr Zaychenko
    Boris Petrov
    Tagir Rakhimov
    Nina Semyonova
    Alexei Oshurkov
    Tatiana Rasskazova
    Andrian Rostovsky
    Sergei Pestrikov
    Sergei Nasedkin
    Vladimir Tereshchenko
A small town on the Volga, where each day is like the previous one. But twenty-year-old Lionya constantly discovers something in life that he did not know the previous day. After the closure of the factory where Lionya had only just found work, he works as sales assistant for footwear on the local market; then he tries to become a plasterer. And every time the new work does not interest him for longer than a couple of days, so that he becomes a frequent visitor at the local job centre. Then Lionya joins a brigade that repairs the road near his house. But he is too young to follow the laws of the people whom he has joined