2005, Russia
about the film
  • Director
    Sergei Karandashov
  • Cast
    Vitaly Pichik
    Ekaterina Gorokhovskaya
    Tolia Klochiev
    Pyotr Kozhevnikov
    Anatoly Dubinkin
    Maxim Krivoborodov
    Alexander Yuminov
    Konstantin Bykov
    Anatoly Buldakov
    Sergei Sveshnikov
    Alexander Kamyshentsev
Mystical drama. Parable. A long time ago the heavens were lower and God spoke to the people through miracles and signs. The thirst for a miracle remains latent in every man. The filmís hero Fiodor witnesses an accident, as a result of which those close to him perish. He decides that he was saved for a reason and that he must now change his life. Living alone in the forest, in a deserted pill-box from the war, he tries to live in the manner of orthodox eremites, exhausting himself in prayers and fasting, without experiencing a revelation. At last Fiodor finds a companion in this new world: father Illarion. The eremite finds hope. But father Illarion is killed in a ridiculous and senseless way. After deep despair Fiodor returns to the world and experiences love and jealousy, hatred and fear. Only when he goes right to the brink of the abyss, deciding to kill himself, he witnesses a miracle