2006, Russia
about the film
  • Director
    Ekaterina Grokhovskaia
  • Cast
    Galina Jovovich (Loginova)
    Ekaterina Rednikova
    Sergei Krapiva
    Anna Churina
    Andrey Egorov
    Alyona Yakovleva
    Sergei Chonishvili
    Anna Khilkevich
    Elena Valyushkina
    Mikhail Remizov
    Vitaly Gogunsky
    Olga Zaitseva
The destinies of several families from a provincial town on the Volga, who do not know each other, but whose lives seem to be inextricably linked and mutually dependent on each other. Twelve protagonists, who all struggle with their inner devils in their own way. Only one thing bonds them: the love for their town, the aspiration for happiness, love and peace.