2006, Russia
about the film
  • Director
    Ivan Vyrypaev
  • Cast
    Polina Agureeva
    Maxim Ushakov
    Mikhail Okunev
    Madlen Dzhabrailova
    Maxim Litovchenko
    Evgenia Dmitrieva
    Viacheslav Kokorin
    Zoia Zadorozhnaia
Love story/ Drama. The love story of a man and a woman; a story of unexpected, true, and ruthless love. This story is about moving and harsh people, and the silent witness of their passion: the River that majestically carries its waters through centuries. Without having learnt to love and to be loved, they are like children; they cannot cope with the euphoria that has taken hold of them. Against the backdrop of untamed nature, they are just small and helpless figures, standing under the power of the terrible and beautiful Spirit of the steppe