reD color snoW
about the film
  • Director
    Vladimir Motyl
  • Production
    Vladimir Motyl studio
  • Producers
    Vladimir Motyl
    Ruslan Terekbaev
  • Cast
    Daniela stoyanovich
    Mikhail filippov
    alexander tsurkan
    anatoly Bely
    elena golianova
    tatiana schankina
    alexander vasilevsky
    inga Manevich
    Mikhail Khimichev
    filipp ivlev-York
Epic drama. The beginning of the 20th century. The young Ksenia from Kiev is orphaned. her father, from a russified german family, has perished during the 1905 revolution. The great War separates Ksenia from her brother Konstantin. Ksenia joins the troops at the front as a sister of mercy. When saving Ksenia from certain death, the 50-year-old commander Rostislav Batorsky is injured and becomes an invalid. the tragic circumstances of their acquaintance bring together two lonely people singed by the war. They get married in petrograd in 1917, but her family happiness comes to an abrupt end with the death of her husband, who has become an enemy of the Bolsheviks… the scope of the events in the film ranges from the great War and the October revolution into the 1930s; its geography encompasses Kiev, Siberia and even Canada. At the basis of the script lies the real fate of a woman who devoted her life to taking revenge for the brutal murder of her husband. “This is a continuation of everything I have done before. It is perhaps the most confessional of my films” (Vladimir Motyl).