2006, Russia
about the film
  • Director
    Pavel Lounguine
  • Cast
    Pyotr Mamonov
    Dmitry Dyuzhev
    Victor Sukhorukov
    Nina Usatova
    Victoria Isakova
    Yuri Kuznetsov
Drama. WWII. The barge, on which Anatoly and his senior comrade Tikhon transport coal, is seized by a German patrol ship. Anatoly begs the Germans for mercy, and in an act of disloyalty he shoots his captain. The Germans leave the coward on the mined barge, but thanks to the help of the monks from a nearby monastery on an island, Anatoly survives... Years go by. The Elder Anatoly is respected for his just life and the really wonderful help which he gives to the islandís visitors. However, the terrible sin of the murder he committed during the war does not give him peace. When he feels his death approach, Anatoly does not know yet that he will be soon forgiven...