2014, Russia, 141 minutes, 18+
about the film
  • Director
    Andrei Zviagintsev
  • Production
    Non Stop Production
    with support from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
    Film Fund
    and the Russian Art Fund RuArts
  • Producers
    Alexander Rodniansky
    Sergei Melkumov
    Marianna Sardarova
  • Cast
    Alexei Serebriakov
    Elena Liadova
    Vladimir Vdovichenkov
    Roman Madianov
    Anna Ukolova
    Alexei Rozin
    Sergei Pokhodaev
The film’s action unfolds on the northern seafront in a small town on the edge of the world; here, in one of the bays of the Barents Sea, the whales sometimes come in from the Arctic Sea. Man, just like the State, is complex. Quite often what appears white is actually black, and the other way round. The creator, pointing Job at Leviathan, said he should see in this mythical creature not a monster, but a miracle, and not be afraid and try to destroy it in horror, but to admire it, see its beauty, and not grumble in vain. The essence of the story is not to paint some things white and others dark; we want to talk about their coexistence, and how they merge into one Incomprehensible Whole.