Russia, 2019, 18+
about the film
  • Director
    Maria Agranovich
  • Production
    Company Park Cinema
    Film Company CTB
    with support from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
  • Producers
    Sergei Selyanov
    Dmitry Dobuzhinsky
  • Cast
    Alena Mikhailova
    Sergei Garmash
    Alexander Kuznetsov
    Alexander Tronov
    Kirill Safonov
She always has a plan. For each his own. For everyone another name. One needs Vera (Faith), another Nadezhda (Hope). And almost all need Liubov (Love). She leaves every one at his own time. She finds a reason. But who knows where deceit ends which people buy only for the sake of money, and when genuine feelings begin? And who knows who she is: just a kept woman in the capital, or an artful swindler, or a talented actress, or a woman who is able only to love
To love them all.