Russia, 2019, 12+
about the film
  • Director
    Anna Parmas
  • Production
    Film Company CTB with support from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
  • Producers
    Sergei Selyanov
    Natalia Drozd-Makan
    Konstantin Ernst
  • Cast
    Anna Mikhalkova
    Anton Filipenko
    Svetlana Kamynina
    Maksim Lagashkin
    Nadezhda Markina
    Fedor Lavrov
    Anna Rytsareva
The film’s heroine is the gynaecologist Masha, whose husband leaves her. When a man leaves his wife, he carries away all her hopes for a future. Of course, it would be noble to let the husband go, but Masha is a strong woman and begins a desperate struggle for her infidel husband Misha. The power is unequal. Masha is already well in her thirties, while the fitness-trainer Oksana is just over twenty. But behind Masha stand a great experience of life and two small children. In this situation she is ready to use the entire arsenal available, including extraterrestrial forces. The young Oksana relies only on feelings. And on her fine figure, her magnificent hair and irrepressible temperament. Who will win this fight and get the prize? And what happens when the dream of one of them will become true?