The serial revolution, which started 20 years ago and unexpectedly turned the previously marginal format of the series into the centre of popular culture, has for a long time practically not concerned our country. Cable TV channels and Internet platforms, which gave a chance to authors to tell often niche stories, without comments or censorship restrictions, were the main driving force behind a new generation of international series. Russian series existed in the ghettoes of television channels; they were limited thematically, incapable of telling topical stories with a living language, and compelled to address the widest possible audience. But even in these conditions, Russian authors infrequently — but still — created significant works that were in demand.

Today the situation on the market has changed radically, and there are seven platforms in our country, which have announced their desire to make their own serial content. Some of these platforms have already launched their first series, which have captured the imagination of the Russian audience. Courageous, unusual, not constrained by a framework of rigid censorship.

We want there to be more such series. But for this purpose, the industry has to discover new authors, capable of telling fascinating and unusual stories and, most important, of telling our stories.

For this reason, in 2020 Kinotavr presents for the first time within its business programme a pitching of serial projects.

All authors are invited to participate, and there are no restrictions, except for professional understanding. The representatives of platforms will judge the pitched projects, which might become potential clients. The following platforms are invited to the pitching: Yandex.Studio; PREMIER;; IVI; Okko; START; and MTS Media