There are now a great number of film festivals in the world, about 3,000. Obviously, screenings are the main thing at such festivals. But festivals also are clearly looking for new, different forms of existence. The most popular are pitchings and work-in-progress. The English word “pitching” means “serving”. Only unlike in sports, the film industry serves not a ball, but a creation of screen art. The idea of cinematic pitchings, tested for the first time in Russia by Kinotavr, has received wide distribution: it is in this form that project applications are now presented to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Cinema Fund.

Work-in-progress is a display of not yet completed films. We proudly announce that Kinotavr is the first to have brought it into Russian festival life. As work-in-progress “Brother Deyan” by Bakur Bakuradze was presented in 2015; and in 2017 it was already an independent programme of six films.

Why do we need this work-in-progress?

First, when the funds for the completion of a project are insufficient, the presentation of the unfinished film at a festival helps find investors.
Second, if funds are available, but for some technical reason the film cannot be completed in time for the festival, the demonstration of an unfinished product allows experts to understand and assess the prospect of the future film.
Third, when showing a fragment or an almost completed film, the creators themselves can present the film and complement the images with a narrative to convince a professional audience what they want to tell on screen.

Thus, a programme of work- in-progress will be shown for the second time at Kinotavr-30. How will it differ, and what remains unchanged? Last time, among six presented projects there were only two debuts; this year, on the contrary, the participants present mostly first and second films (which are both universally accepted as debuts). In 2017 the programme was male dominated: from six projects only two producers were women, while the directors were all men. In 2019 the gender balance has been restored: from six presented projects, three are shot by female directors, and five involve women as producers or executive producers. A constant remains Kinotavr’s trend to present Russian cinema in all its diversity.

Watch out for this programme! You will see here what will engage the minds and hearts of audiences in the year to come.


Director Kseniya Zueva

Producers: Oleg Evdokimenko, Marika Mikhareva

A story about a girl from the suburbs who has fallen in love with the surgeon who carried out complex surgery on her heart. The complex story of their relationship leads to tragic consequences.


Director Tatiana Lutaeva

Producers: Nikolay Rastorguev, Svetlana Polyakova, Igor Nikolenko

Mother and daughter, in grip of their acting profession, are stuck in a crisis. The career of one inevitably and painfully moves to its end; the other torments herself while trying to determine herself. Youth, beauty and talent — the daughter has everything necessary for success, but can she use her talent and take her place as actress or is she compelled to repeat her mother’s fate?


Director Dmitry Fedorov

Producers: Alexey Arkhipov, Vadim Bogdanov

An unremarkable Russian town holds some terrible secrets. The simple working guy Lyokha gets acquainted with the beautiful Masha. She shows him photos that he cannot remember. Lyokha goes to see his father, but finds out that the latter died several days ago. The father left lots of mysterious notes, but a local gang and a mysterious visitor from Moscow are after them. You find out everything if you remember!


Director Alexei Fedorchenko

Producers: Andrey Saveliev, Artem Vassiliev

“The Last Darling Bulgaria” is a stark experiment by director Alexei Fedorchenko and a new form of cinema, which takes the spectator into the recollections of the protagonist, along corridors of memory and through key events of Russian history from the Silver Age to WWII.


Director Vitaly Suslin

Producer Elena Glikman, Larisa Oleinik

An occasion happening at the Motor Transport Enterprise during a Christian Shrove Sunday brings dramatic changes to the life of it’s security guard Mikhail...


Director Veta Geraskina

Producers: Katerina Mikhailova, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Konstantin Fam, Oksana Shalamanova, Polina Schlicht

Liza’s idyllic life is threatened by a mistake made in her youth. Every day her chances to cover it up diminish.