2014, Russia, 113 minutes, 16+
about the film
  • Director
    Alexei Fedorchenko
  • Production
    Film Company 29 February
  • Producers
    Dmitri Vorobiev
    Alexei Fedorchenko
    Leonid Lebedev
  • Cast
    Daria Yekamasova
    Oleg Yagodin
    Pavel Basov
    Georgi Iobadze
    Alexei Solonchev
1934. Disquiet in the north of the USSR: the Hanty and Nenets shamans do not want to accept new traditions. In order to reconcile two great cultures – of the Russian avant-garde and of ancient paganism – some artists travel to the taiga near the river Ob: a composer, a sculptor, a theatre director, a constructivist architect, a fi lmmaker with primitivist inclinations and, as head of the group, the well-known “Polina-Revolution”… The fi lm is based on real events.