2015, Russia, 106 minutes, 12+
about the film
  • Director
    Andrei Zaitsev
  • Production
    Film Studio September
  • Producers
    Olga Granina
    Andrei Zaitsev
  • Cast
    Gleb Kaliuzhny
    Ulyana Vaskovich
    Olga Ozollapinya
    Alexei Filimonov
    Dmitri Barinov
    Dmitri Blokhin
    Anna Rud
This is the story of a fi rst love, which happens in the suburbs of a big city. The modern Romeo and Juliet live in the social networks and in the streets that are governed by iron rules, which the two young people don’t want to follow. In order to be together, the protagonists encounter many obstacles. Their schools are rivals, so their blossoming bonds are a treachery of their turf and their gangs. The lovers also clash with their parents, who are not ready to accept that the children have grown up so fast and that each of these teenagers already has a personality and the right to choose. Their own complexes, the lack of confi dence in themselves, the fear of taking the fi rst step, the scare of being rejected – all this is overcome by true love.