2014, Russia, 107 minutes, 16+
about the film
  • Director
    Artem Temnikov
  • Production
    Studio Third Rome
  • Producers
    Yevgeni Mironov
    Alexander Novin
    Asya Temnikova
    Elena Brenkova
  • Cast
    Leonard Proxauf
    Alexander Novin
    Dmitri Zhuravlev
    Soma Paissel
The recent tragic events in Paris have drawn the world’s attention to the danger represented by radically oriented Islamists for the whole civilized world. Artem Temnikov’s fi lm investigates the reasons why Islamists manage to recruit young people in European countries and send them to fi ght at various hot spots (Syria, Iraq, Chechnya). The fi lm tells the story of a young German man, who fell under the infl uence of such recruiters and ended up in Chechnya. When he realized his mistake, it was already too late. The fi lm is based on real events, video footage of the Special Forces, and a trophy piece found after a fi ght in a dugout in a Chechen village. The characters and events are real.