2015, Russia, 105 minutes, 12+
about the film
  • Director
    Denis Rodimin
  • Production
    Studio SLON
  • Producer
    Sabina Yeremeeva
  • Cast
    Ekaterina Steblina
    Arnas Fedaravicius
    Lydia Omutnykh
    Vladimir Mishukov
    Polina Pushkaruk
    Maxim Bitiukov
    Maria Shashlova
    Andrius Dariala
    Alexander Kononets
    Ulyana Lukina
    Ekaterina Leonova
    Alexei Koval
    Alexander Mezentsev
    Kirill Bobrov
“The Guest” is a story about a group of young geo-physicists who travel to a place where a mysterious meteorite has crashed. In this remote area, away from civilization, they are in the epicentre of events that are inexplicable from the point of view of modern science.