2015, Russia, 90 minutes, 18+
about the film
  • Director
    Alexander Kott
  • Production
    Atlantic Film
  • Producer
    Ekaterina Filippova
  • Cast
    Alexander Yatsenko
    Agrippina Steklova
    Filipp Avdeev
    Andrei Bilzho
The film’s hero, Pavel Zuyev, loses his eyesight and has to start his life all over. All the links to his former life are broken, but in his new life he meets a remarkable woman, who is able to see more than other people. Her name is, quite symbolically, Nadezhda, for Hope, and she works in the local hospital. Nadezhda helps Zuyev regain his powers and acquire a new sense for reality. These two equally strong characters will spend some of the best days of their lives.