2015, Russia, 84 minutes, 6+
about the film
  • Directors
    Ilya Chizhikov
    Anton Chizhikov
  • Production
    Film Company СТВ
  • Producer
    Sergei Selianov
  • Cast
    Alexander Pal
    Igor Zhizhikin
    Vladimir Sychev
    Alexander Ilyin
    Kristina Kazinskaya
The 25-year-old provincial guy Kolya comes to Moscow to stay with his uncle. He needs to repay a debt as quickly possible, which hangs over him from his last workplace; he is ready to work every day. More precisely, every night: because his uncle arranges for him to work as night watchman on… a cemetery. The new watchman starts his fi rst shift, but what happens on the cemetery when it gets dark comes utterly unexpected. And there are many nights ahead. Kolya must make a choice: arrange himself with the mysterious visitors or run away.