2015, Russia, 116 minutes, 18+
about the film
  • Director
    Natalia Kudryashova
  • Production
    Film Company СТВ
    Masterskaya Seance
  • Producers
    Sergei Selianov
    Natalia Drozd
  • Cast
    Natalia Kudryashova
    Alexei Mitin
    Daria Moroz
    Serafima Vybornova
    Nikita Yakovlev
    Varvara Shablakova
A long time ago Olga, Katia and Andrei came to Moscow: they are friends from school. They are quite successful. Olga is an actress, Katia works in large PR agency, and Andrei is a political analyst. They buy cars, take out mortgages, and build summer houses. They live like everybody else. But this brings them neither happiness nor satisfaction. The feeling that “everything is kind of normal, but something’s not right” is the main motif of today’s thirty-somethings. Their childhood fell into the Soviet era, when children dreamt of heroic feats, believed in spies and a bright future, and nobody expected that the dream of the heroic feat would one day get replaced by a dream of stability. People no longer have grand dreams. They simply live.