2015, Russia, 100 minutes, 16+
about the film
  • Director
    Vasili Sigarev
  • Production
    Beloe Zerkalo (White Mirror)
  • Producers
    Sofiko Kiknavelidze
    Dmitri Uliukaev
  • Cast
    Yana Troyanova
    Gosha Kutsenko
    Andrei Ilenkov
    Alexander Bashirov
    Yevgeni Tsyganov
    Vladimir Simonov
    Inna Churikova
    Svetlana Kamynina
    Yulia Snigir
    Alisa Khazanova
    Daria Yekamasova
The Russian New Year. With uncontrollable force, the annual hurricane sweeps across the “sixth of the world”. This hurricane brings the infantile Lena from her clear little world to the country of strange wizards – with an Olivier salad and a herring tucked in under her fur coat. These wizards can perform incredible miracles: they can do a triple toe-loop from the third fl oor, drive a car without using their hands, or take an ordinary fi rework to reach the centre of the earth. They command the energy of Tsigun and Tantra. Unwittingly, they can surprise the enemy, cast spells to burn down castles and even revive loved ones. This improbable country is full of dangers, and Lena has to cross it in the company of the dog Tyutya, as she searches for the treasured booth where there the fi ght between good and neutral is on…