2015, Russia, 97 minutes, 12+
about the film
  • Director
    Mikhail Mestetsky
  • Production
    Film Company KOKTEBEL
  • Producers
    Roman Borisevich
    Alexander Kushaev
  • Cast
    Vasili Butkevich
    Alexander Pal
    Pavel Chinarev
    Ivan Yankovsky
    Anastasia Pronina
    Fedor Lavrov
The life of the ordinary teenager Vania changes when he makes the acquaintance of three strange guys. Sportsmen, hooligans, dreamers – they call themselves “Rag Union” and believe that they can change the world. Enchanted by his new friendship, Vania puts them up at his dacha and tries to become part of their grand organization. But the neighbour girl Sasha has her own plans with this company.