buben baraban (TAMBOURINE DRUM)
2009, Russia, 90 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Alexei Mizgiriov
  • Production
    commissioned by “Central Partnership”
  • Producers
    Ruben Dishdishian
    Aram Movsesian
    Sergei Danielian
  • Cast
    Natalia Negoda
    Dmitri Kulichkov
    Elena Liadova
    Sergei Neudachin
    Liubomiras Lauciavicius
    Alexander Oblasov
Drama. 1998, a provincial mining town. The 45-year-old Katia, who runs the regional library, lives on a pitiful salary in the small room of a hostel that she shares with another girl. One day, a visiting sailor arrives in the town and Katia falls in love with him. Everything goes well for the pair, and Katia leaves behind the hated hostel and moves into her own apartment which she has inherited from her father. But the happiness does not last long: the sailor leaves her for her room-mate, and – deeply offended – Katia swears revenge… A film about the real heroes of our time, sincere and confused.