2009, Russia, 88 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Vasili Sigarev
  • Production
    with participation from the “Central Partnership”
  • Producers
    Roman Borisevich
    Ruben Dishdishian
  • Cast
    Yana Troyanova
    Polina Pluchek
Drama. In a village at edge of a large city a girl was born. This settlement was called Settlement. The mother did not know who gave her this present. And it was very difficult to figure out, since there had been so many accidents in her life. Now there are two of them, mother and daughter. They have no names. They run. Constantly, without stopping. The mother runs from the daughter in search of her self, of life, of the world. The girl runs after the mother because she can’t imagine either herself or the world without her. Their run is an infinite line of repeated mistakes, like the melody of a street organ, like the spinning of a top: the ridiculous toy which the mother once gave the little girl. But one day the spinning stops…