2009, Russia, 88 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Igor Voloshin
  • Production
  • Producers
    Anna Mikhalkova
    Maxim Korolev
  • Cast
    Artur Smolianinov
    Oksana Akinshina
    Alexei Gorbunov
    Petr Zaichenko
    Maria Shalaeva
    Evgeni Tkachuk
    Alexei Poluyan
    Mikhail Evlanov
    Anna Mikhalkova
    Alexei Filimonov
    Oleg Garkusha
Social drama. USSR, 1990s. A young man turns 18. He plans to “skip” the army service in a local psychiatric clinic. But playing games with the system is leads to delays. Having undergone compulsory treatment, the Hero with his socalled “prostitute’s passport” in hand is free. Through three stages of his life - childhood, adolescence and youth - the life of a lost generation unfolds before us. They have given their lives in order to remain true to what they wanted to be. A film about struggle and death, about human love against the backdrop of a perishing world.