2018, Russia, 74 min., 16+
about the film
  • Director
    Alexei Fedorchenko
  • Production
    Film Company Saga with METRAFILMS
  • Producers
    Andrei Saveliev
    Artem Vasiliev
    Maxim Lozhevsky
  • Cast
    Marta Kozlova
The entire family of the six-year-old Anna perishes in a mass execution. By a miracle the girl survives: the mother covers her with her own the body. For over two years Anna hides in a dysfunctional fireplace in the German commandant’s headquarters. From her shelter she watches as life passes by, waiting for the village to be liberated from the Nazis. In these terrible conditions Anna manages not only to survive, but also to keep her humanism. She is helped by memories of a life ruined by war, about her parents, the house, and a friend who saved her from total loneliness.