2009, Russia, 100 min.
about the film
  • Director
    Grigori Konstantinopolsky
  • Producers
    Grigori Konstantinopolsky
    Andrei Novikov
  • Cast
    Mikhail Efremov
    Alexander Strizhenov
    Victor Sukhorukov
    Evgeni Stychkin
    Svetlana Ivanova
    Pavel Derevianko
    Yuri Kolokolnikov
    Grigori Konstantinopolsky
Psychological comedy. A sequence of four (in the television version – five) independent stories with their independent characters, forming a coherent narrative. In its form the film is like a theatre performance with a final bow taken by all the participants. Long-forgotten “un-splintered” monologues allow the actors to put on show their acting skills, without hiding them behind special effects and dynamical montage. Unlike anything, this is original dramatic art. The film tries to drive the spectator into frenzy. It is a protest that is vital in an era of total crisis, a cry from the heart which paradoxically gives us hope that this is not yet the end, but only a crack in the system, a liberation from stereotypes, templates and chains.