Russia, 2018, 16+
about the film
  • Director
    Ilya Kulikov
  • Production
    Legio Felix
    TNT Television Network
  • Producers
    Evgeni Nikishov
    Valeri Fedorovich
    Andrei Semenov
  • Cast
    Alexander Petrov
    Sergei Burunov
    Tatiana Babenkova
    Sofia Kashtanova
    Roman Popov
    Alexandra Bortich
    Rostislav Gulbis
    Sergei Shtatnov
    Alexander Derepko
    Svetlana Sukhanova
    Irina Vilkova
    Rina Grishina
On New Year’s Eve the police department at North Barvikha comes under threat of closure. To rescue their department, the policeman from the Rublevka, Grisha Izmailov, has to take extreme measures and with his operatives he decides to plunder a bank. He has calculated that his colleagues and the chief of the department Yakovlev will easily discover this business, return the money, and everyone will keep their work for another year. But nothing goes according to plan...