Russia, 2019, 16+
about the film
  • Director
    Kantemir Balagov
  • Production
    Non-Stop Production
  • Producers
    Alexander Rodnyansky
    Sergei Melkumov
  • Cast
    Viktoria Miroshnichenko
    Vasilisa Perelygina
    Andrey Bykov
    Igor Shirokov
    Konstantin Balakirev
    Ksenia Kutepova
    Alena Kuchkova
    Timofey Glazkov
The sprawling city that just survived the war and the long siege looks like a terminally ill person. Death and life are yet to finish their battle here. People look better than the city, but in reality each one of them is ruined inside in its own way. Iya and Masha, two young women, try to rebuild their lives in a city ravaged by war as they search for meaning in their struggles.