2018, Russia, 94 min., 12+
about the film
  • Director
    Timofei Zhalnin
  • Production
    Film Company ARTLIGHT
    Film Company Invada
    with support from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
  • Producers
    Alexander Kotelevsky
    Andrei Novikov
  • Cast
    Tatiana Polosina
    Anton Momot
    Andrei Shchepochkin
    Alexandra Mareeva
Having despaired to restore her health by traditional medicine, Nadia persuades her husband Andrei to hike to a radon lake in the hope of a cure. Andrei agrees. On the journey, away from Nadia’s harsh father, he plans to tell her that he wants to file for a divorce. But nature interferes with their plans. Because of the rain, the water in the river rises, blocking the ways home. In search for a crossing, Andrei and Nadia get lost in the depth of the Siberian taiga. And their difficult way of fighting with personal fears and correcting past mistakes begins. The forest becomes a metaphor for life, in which the two are lost. Or perhaps, it is that treasured garden whence those who have been expelled are able to return?